Retro Gaming Phone Case (36 Classic Games)

Retro Gaming Phone Case (36 Classic Games)

Retro Gaming Phone Case (36 Classic Games)

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RETRO GAMER STOP hits you with the updated and newly released Retro Color 8-bit Playable iPhone Case. All you 80s and 90s babies are going to love this one-of-kind retro game case!!!!! Bringing you back to the duotang, snap bracelet, Sony Walkman and Reebok pump era, this iPhone case will be that connection you need to the past. Talk about a blast from the past!!!! Your very own time machine if you will! It comes with 36 pre-loaded games (partially listed below) that are sure to trigger some retro-gaming nostalgia. Relive those childhood memories with the Retro Color 8-bit iPhone Case by picking up yours today! THIS RETRO GAME CASE IS NOT SOLD IN STORES ANYWHERE!

✔ Ultimate bumper and screen protection to keep your phone safe from the roughest conditions while also boasting a modern slim and sleek design. This Retro Game Case ensures your phone is safe from any drop.

✔ Helps to save battery life on your phone by evading the use of your phone apps and programs. Stay entertained on long trips and commutes. 

✔ Crisp and clear graphics with instant button feedback to provide a seamless gaming experience with a long lasting battery to keep the fun going.

✔ Makes the PERFECT gift for any retro video game enthusiast.

-Super Contra
-Donkey Kong
and many more......

Operational notes: To turn off the phone case, hold the on/off button for three seconds

PLEASE NOTE: Package only includes the protective case. The micro USB cable is sold separately. Each case is shipped with a plastic screen protector on the screen. The screen itself on the retro game case is not scratched. Please remove protector by peeling at any corner of the screen. See illustration below.

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